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Next month sees the seventh anniversary of the war in Yemen, which began on 26th March 2015.

It is a war that has been fuelled by British arms exports, with sales worth more than £20 billion made to Saudi Arabia since the conflict began. It is also a war that has claimed over 377,000 lives. Last month, the Saudi coalition bombed a prison killing over 80 civilians, without a word of condemnation from the UK government. 

It's high time for the UK government to stop enabling this war, end arms sales, and make serious efforts to bring the war to an end and promote accountability for atrocities committed by all sides.

On 10th March, CAAT is asking friends and supporters to lobby their MPs for Yemen. If you would like to take part in this Lobby Day, please contact your MP to book a meeting [via this link]. Between now and then we will send you a briefing pack with the latest information. There will also be an optional online training session to help you make the most of this meeting.

Let's work together to stop these deadly arms exports, end the war in Yemen and ensure all those complicit in the death and destruction caused by the war are held accountable.

Katie Fallon
Campaign Against Arms Trade


Campaigners hold a Stop Arming Saudi banner outside Parliament with a series of body bags in front of them

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